In our class we are learning about the first americans here are some words like agriclture,clan,irrigaion and nomad.i wort a story about this indian legend it's about this indain named Kwakiutl if you stepped on his land he would catch you and hold you as a hostage for two months now i will tell you my new writing. Running Writing-I am going to tell you how indians use there enviorment to obtain food,cothing and shelter.First the indians would either eat meat or friut. Then for colthing they would use the animal skin.Then for homes they would bulid tepes.Which i think was made out of animal skin and logs of wood.This is how indians use there enviorment to obtain food,cothing and shelter. Now this week's running writing is a choose a picked to tell about the election well you know i voted for mccain but obama won so there's no need to talk about it because,it's over.In science we have been working on moon phases and we got a paper do tomorrow we draw pictures of the moon when we walk out to the car well that's one way you can do it.all so the 9 planets in our soilar sytem was fun learning about we even toke a compter tour of the plants.in reading we are starting to read mouse and the motorcylce.in math we are doing rymes and times for kids who don't know their time tables.in writing we are doing free write.i worte a letter to john mccain and santa.