When the First Quail Calls

One starry night a indian named Peg Leg Po sang "Follow the Drinking Gorge.When the sun comes up and the first quail calls follow the drinking gorge."
Peg Leg Po would go to all of the indian slavery places at night. He would teach all of vthe indians of all different tribes "Follow the Drinking Gorge."
Every night the indian slaves would sing "When the sun comes up and the first quail calls follow the drinking gorge." When the sun arose the indian slaves would to sneak out of the slavery plantation.
When their masters were very close,they would make the call of a quail and whoever's porchlight would go on they would know it would be safe to go in the house and stay until their masters would go back to the indian plantation. Then they would continue on their journey.

by:Jacob Smith

Some of the Native American tribes hunted salmon. They did that with spears. The Kwakiutl tribe is one of the tribes that hunted salmon. They would set up large,wooden fences to stop the salmon.Then they would have a higher percentage rate of catching the salmon.
Wood was an important resource for the Native Americans. It would make fire for the Native Americans to cook.The only way they could start a fire back then was with flint[a type of rock]. So flint is a important resource too.
The Native Americans in places around Alaska are called the Inuit. It is very cold over there and there is alot of snow so I bet they can't start a fire. The snow would melt into water and put the fire out. T

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