Once a long time ago there lived an indian boy.That day the wind started to blow very hard.All of a sudden he saw a huge body of water blowing over the village.It crushed his home and it was coming towards him.He could not see any other people.
He swam around looking for shoor.Finally he found a rock that was sticking out of the water.He climbed to the rock.He was frightened and he thought he would never see his family again.
After a couple of days of sitting on the rock he got hungry.The water had gotten shalower so he hopped of the rock.A couple of feet away he saw a stick that was flowing towards a bush of berries.He walked over to the bush and grabbed some berries of and then he started to wonder around.He suddenly looked over and he thought he saw his parents in the distants.He ran closer and it was his parents.He hugged them tightly and jumped into thier arms.
A week later thier house and village was built and the parents never left there child alone again.

Gracen Vaughn

There are lots of different tipes of Native Americans and they did different things.The Kwakiutl indians ate alot of samon and they used wood for most of the things that they built, like there houses and there fighting eqitment.Today most of the Kwakiutl people still live along the west coast of Canada, because fish are plentiful.
Paleo Indians were the first to do agriculture, because about 11,000 years ago,many of the bigger animals began to die.People began to hunt smaller animals.Over time,people adapted to

I know some things about economics.There are two tipes of economic studies.They are Macroeconomics and Microeconomics.
Macro is economics on a large scale.Goverments and banks operate on the macro scale.Macro means big.
Micro is economics on a small scale.This is the level that you or your parents are at.Micro means small.