HELLO!!!!! I'm Morgan. My favorite subjects are Social Studies, and Math. I like Rock Band 2, State Reports, and Bakugan. Right now we are working on the Kwakutl and other tribes in the Pacific Northwest region of the U.S. including Oregon, Washington, and Canada. The Kwakutl tribe depended on wood and Salmon. They made Longhouses, traps, spears, Dugouts, masks, clothing made of bark, and Totem Poles. they had rainy and mild climate. The Kwakutl caught Salmon mostly during the Summer. Now we are working on the Plains-Pawnee, but were past the Nez Perce so... I will double on tribes so, bare with me here. The Nez Perce lived in the Four Corners area ( Washington, Oregon, and Idaho) The Nez Perce depended on hunting and gathering wild plants. In 1877 Nez Perce chief Joseph leads a war away from his homeland.The Plateau tribes-Pawnee, and Comanche. the great plains area is where the plains indians lived. the pawnee depended on agriculture and hunting. and the Comanche had horses so there living area is enormous.